Customers searching for air conditioning repair in North Eastern Florida have looked to us for our fast response and convenient scheduling since 1991. Our emergency air conditioning and heating repair technicians always deliver reliable service and restoration of indoor comfort. Whether you need an air conditioner tune-up, a heater replacement, or an emergency air conditioning and heating repair, our team can serve your needs. Take a look at the testimonials below:

“We have been very happy with the Mike Merritt team and the good work they do. They have done both major installation work and smaller repairs for us over a 10-year period and we've been pleased with their professionalism and reliability. We enthusiastically recommend them to friends, family, and the Yelp community.”

Ellen M., Jacksonville, FL

“Great people to work with, extremely knowledgeable and an amazing warranty. As a real estate professional and dealing with lots of A/C repairs and or new units, Mike takes The customer service to a new level. I will definitely recommend them.”

Bahman N., Jacksonville, FL

“Service was amazingly fast. I called at 4:45 pm, and my AC was done and fixed by 6 pm. The second day, i called for a follow up visit, and they were able to do it on the same day. They are so accurate and professional, and I highly recommend their service.”

Mimi K., Middleburg, FL

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